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bauLab. is located in the Intermedial Room at Kunstnernes Hus (KH). For a three year period, KH has set aside this room for projects, process-oriented work, or laboratory-type activities and research. The project is supported by the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs.

KH has invited Stefan Schröder (D/N) to take responsibility for the room during March/April 2002. He in turn has enlisted the assistance of Stefan Lundgren (S) and Pfelder (D). All three artists know one another through their participation in earlier international projects such as street level (Dresden 1998, Bergen 2000) and wishful thinking (Dresden 2001) Both of these projects presented site-specific art in public spaces and were initiated by Pfelder and Stefan Schröder.


For the intermedial room at KH, Schröder, Pfelder and Lundgren have created bauLab. The concept for bauLab. is a result of the artists' interest in working with site-specific art, and the wish of KH for a project that brings art out into public space.
bauLab. introduces a new strategy. The invited artists from street level and wishful thinking have visited a predefined area of the city in order to carry out a survey and to work on-site. This time bauLab. is asking the residents of Oslo to offer their own reflections about and ideas for the city's public or - for that matter - private spaces. bauLab. has been established in order to investigate the community's own requirements, and will conduct a dialogue with those who represent the various ideas so as to develop intelligent solutions - both virtual and concrete. Imagine that each and everyone is a representative!


At first glance, bauLab. is a project that returns to a traditional art space in order to develop its two-part organisational form, an office and a showroom. Nevertheless, bauLab.'s structure is open and accessible to all: institutions, firms, individuals etc. bauLab. does not focus on finding only the newest and most original solutions, but also aims to sharpen perception for what already existing.
With the support of bauLab., a personal/subjective vision can therefore be combined with a democratic/objective dream. If this organisation proves successful and people approach bauLab. with their experiences and opinions, this exhibition is sure to hold surprises.



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