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bauLab. consists of two main parts. On entering the intermedial room at KH the first thing you encounter is bauLab.'s newly established office. The office serves as a communication platform and an idea archive. Here, during the office opening hours (see below), visitors can meet and come into conversation with the bauLab. artists and present their visions - examples of things they value or appreciate, or which they consider unsatisfactory. Their ideas might have to do with a specific place or situation, e.g. an urban square, a facade, an inacessible harbour quay, their places of work, or their own homes. Specific initiatives will be discussed, documented, and in some cases the relevant localities will be inspected. Meanwhile, all suggestions, sketches, computer-generated presentations and proposed solutions will be presented on the walls of the office. bauLab. also welcomes cooperation with other disciplines: architects, engineers, designers, city planners, and visionaries. bauLab.'s artists have broad experience from previous urban improvement projects and do not rule out the possibility of following up some of the initiatives once the exhibition itself is over.
The second part of bauLab. is the Showroom, which is attached to the office. This is intended to give some idea of bauLab.'s scope and design potential. Here you will find works by the artists and their invited guests. The Berlin-based artist, Pfelder, is showing two sculptures with the title "Form potential". Stefan Lundgren, from Eslöv, Sweden, is showing a variation of his modular concrete house, "Housebroken". Stefan Schröder (Oslo / Dresden) is presenting a series of "Plan pictures" and drawings. One of bauLab.'s guests will be Yvonne Lee Schultz from Munich. On the opening evening she will perform a decomposition of a model house, the result of which will be seen during the bauLab‚s show. The Oslo-based artists Svein Flygari Johansen and Snorre Ytterstad will give the first presentation of their video "Radical coordination", with music by Information (N).

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